By Gene Preston, IHCC Chapter 35 NYS director               

  Heaven's Golden Gates opened wide November 30, 2018 as throngs of angels, saints and old tractor pals welcomed long time tractor club member John Trubee of Rush, NY. John passed away at age 76. He was one-of-a-kind, an individual who accomplished so much in life. His family, business career, Navy service, proud veteran, Boy Scouts, and IH enthusiast were his entire life.
  I first met John 15 years ago when I purchased a red 82 Series Cub Cadet 582 Special tractor from him. Ever since then he and I would enjoy being members of a couple vintage tractor clubs and would usually meet up after plow days and shows at days end talking about our model 140 tractors, his profound love for submarines and what was next to come.
  He was a true IH Cub Cadet fellow and also owned one of the last IH 140 tractors built in 1979 at the famous IH Louisville Works Assembly Plant in Kentucky. Andy Pasch got that tractor for him, nicest 140 I ever saw.  Gosh he was proud of that offset model beauty with its fast hitch implements. At old iron events I'd find him sitting on it joyfully eating his lunch.
 I have included a couple photos of him with his pride and joy 140. Because he was a tall man he modified the steering column so he could better get beneath the large steering wheel when getting on and off the tractor. God blessed us all by sharing John Trubee among us and our passion for old tractors.
  He is responsible for me getting into plow day events, something I dodged for years because I did not want to get my tractors dirty, a reason he simply would not accept. Finally with his charm and class, he lured me onto one of his Cub Cadets he had set up with a Brinly Plow at Lew Esten's Elba plow days. It was so much fun I did not want to stop plowing. Then at other WNYTCC plow days in Ogden and Ionia he got me on his award winning 140 and the same thing happened to me. I can still see him laughing at me on my Cub Cadet 124 covered with mud as I plowed in the rain the following year.
  Sadly John's health deteriorated over the last few years to a point where he could no longer walk. Selling his dandy 140 was difficult but necessary and it went out of state. As a Disabled Naval Vietnam Veteran he was selected to receive a special powered trackchair in 2015 from the FDNY 343 Ride Organization which enabled him to get around his hunting property and local parks.
  So another name plate will be added to our IHCC Chapter 35 NYS Deceased Member Memorial Plaque at the WNYG&SEA clubhouse. As with several of the name plates I installed over the years, this one will bring tears to my eyes. John and I used to joke about never seeing our name on that plaque, but he will. By the grace of God he will be there in spirit as I attach it. I will hear his laughter once again and feel his hand on my shoulder.
  We miss you already John Trubee. On behalf of your many tractor friends and a grateful NYS International Harvester Chapter 35, I thank you for your contribution helping to preserve IHC history, and for sharing your expertise with us. We will carry your legacy forward old buddy - as it should be. My little Cubby dirty with mud will be plowing next year at Elba, Ogden and Ionia in his memory, but it won't be the same without the tall man's laughter sounding out across the freshly turned soil.
Rest easy old friend. Thanks for being part of my life.